How to Charge Your Camcorder Battery Pack

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Most camcorders purchased today come with rechargeable batteries that can easily be charged. Some however, may be confused about how to properly recharge the batteries and allow them to function as long as possible. Here is how to charge your jvc camcorder battery pack.


Things You'll Need

    • 1

Familiarize yourself with your jvc  battery  charger. Read through the directions for your jvc  battery  charger and know how the charger works.

    • 2

Plug in your jvc  battery  charger. Do this in an area that is open and in an outlet that is not too full to prevent any type of electrical problem from occurring.

    • 3

Attach your jvc bn-vf707u battery to the charger. Be sure it is in the proper position for charging. Typically, a red light should illuminate as it begins charging.

    • 4

Check on your recharging batteries periodically. This will ensure that the pack is being charged properly and that your charger is working as well.

    • 5

Remove jvc camcorder battery pack. As soon as the jvc camcorder battery pack is done charging remove it immediately.


Tips & Warnings

  • If your battery starts its auto detection mode you've attached your battery properly and can continue with charging.
  • Most chargers have a discharge mode, which is useful for those batteries that need a little boost to be back to full power. Take this into consideration when charging your jvc camcorder battery pack.
  • If your battery charger for camcorder begins acting out of the ordinary, remove the jvc camcorder battery pack from the charger and wait a bit before trying to recharge.
  • Do not charge your battery overnight. Despite assurances from retailers, jvc camcorder battery packs have been the cause of some fires.





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